Thank you for your support! We were successful on June 26th and I look forward to getting to know you and serving you as your new Representative.

Throughout this campaign I have stood on thousands of doorsteps to find out what the constituents in House District 11 want from their representative. I often get asked two questions.

The first is, "Have you ever run for office?" No. I have never run for office. I never wanted to run for office. I never intended to run for office. Running for office has never been a dream of mine. Yet here I am.

Then comes the second question, "Why on earth are you running?" I'm running because, for the last three years, Oklahoma government has been getting worse. Our legislature is all but gridlocked. Our budgeting process is in shambles. We are 46th in education and 48th in health care. I kept waiting for someone to step up with solutions that made sense. Solutions that were not the tired, ineffective solutions from prior years. And I kept waiting. And waiting. And I finally realized that I would have to step up.

This wasn't an easy or quick decision, but I realized I had to do it. I have a diverse background from successful careers in industry, education, technology and public service. Early on I learned to solve problems creatively with an eye to the future, rather than rehashing old ways of doing things. I couldn't stand by when I knew I could help. 

I am running to make Oklahoma better. And I intend to represent the constituents of District 11, which is why I have stood on so many doorsteps. Because my allegiance is to you, the constituents, I am not accepting money from PACs or lobbyists.

On June 26th, vote for change.


Derrel Fincher Derrel Fincher is ready to represent District 11 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

He is qualified...

by Experience that matters

by Education

by Industry Certifications

by Oklahoma Teaching Certifications

by Vision

“Education and the economy mesh together; what affects one will affect the other. As a state, we need to aim high. We need policy amplified through legislation to keep both at the forefront. And we need well-functioning agencies that can support those policies without overreach. I have the experience and knowledge to help all of those pieces mesh. And to make them mesh effectively.”

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